How to Make Money from Your Phone (8 Great Ways to Earn Online)

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How to Make Money from Your Phone

Do you have a phone? Is your phone making money for you? You may want to learn 8 ways on how to make money from your phone here.

How to Make Money from Your Phone!

Have you being asking “How to Make Money from Your Phone?” – You probably see people on their phone and you are thinking they are messing around but they are actually making money.

In this article, I’m going to show you 8 ways on How to Make Money from Your Phone. Just with your mobile phone from almost any country in the world, you can learn how to make money from your phone.

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These eight ways of how to make money from your phone are going to be: Surveys – Taking surveys on your phone to make money. Saving receipts and earning money and getting cash back. Bitcoin mining, testing apps to make money on your phone, playing games on your phone to make money, make money by watching ads and products selling.
You can turn your phone into little cash making machine and I’m going to point it to you, how to make money from your phone. Stay tuned.

1. Taking Surveys

The first method is taking surveys. And one of my favorite sites for that is ‘feature points.’ So, you can check that out. Feature points. You can get this app from the iPhone Store or the APK from Google Play Store.

However, you can use your phone to take surveys and earn rewards. I also recommend SurveyTime. And once you sign up, you can get rewards. You will receive Amazon gift cards, Steam gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, and Xbox gift cards. You can also receive cash payouts to your PayPal money account. This makes it easier to earn money with your phone online no matter where you are in the world.

2. Saving Receipts

This site is called By default, you earn by snapping your receipt. Most of these apps are on the iPhone store and the Google Play Store. You can earn cash, just by taking a picture of your receipt.

Take a picture of your receipt. Bonuses earn can be redeemed, those coins or the receipt points for prizes. So, I think it’s not a lot of money. 5 cents for each snapped receipt. Something similar to that but you still earn money and it’s a very easy way to earn extra money taking pictures of receipts.

Now, I am not certain you will be able move around your vicinity taking pictures of other people’s receipts. That will be cool if you are allowed to do so. However, I am sure you will find ways to really make a lot of extra money with your phone.

3. Earn Cash Back on Purchases

The next how to make money from your phone is; you can earn cash back on purchases that you’re already making. You have be buying items every now and then, whether that’s diapers, towels, table cloths or whatever, you can earn cash back on your everyday purchases with an app called ibotta. You can download that on your phone and use it to make money by getting instant cash back in more places.

So, you can basically earn cashback from all your favorite retailers and that is how ibotta works. Is like a super affiliate. Ibotta is simply making money, because you’re buying through them and they get the referral commission and then they pass along some of that filly fee over to you.

Let’s check out how much money. They’ve paid out 526 million dollars which has been paid back to savers and counting. So, that’s huge. Your payment is made through PayPal money and or Amazon gift cards as you work with ibotta. This is a fantastic amount of cash, right?

4. Bitcoin mining

Now, this next one is actually pretty interesting. If you don’t know about crypto currencies and whatnot, they’re kind of the new big stuff in town. It’s the new way of becoming millionaire. You know Facebook is releasing a crypto currency.

Crypto currencies, arguably is the future of all currency. Crypto is not regulated by our normal Central Bank nor is it mine and distributed by CB but by the use of computers. And this little stuff you are using now to read this article is a computer and you can use the spare power on your phone to actually support Bitcoin and earn BTC.
BTC Safari is the App but you can still find other useful BTC mining apps on the App store. Use it to mine BTC for yourself.

It’s really easy, right? This is a really simple way to make money and to start earning Bitcoin. There are lots of mining apps for Androids. But this is the one that I’ve heard has the best reviews and pretty cool.

5. Testing Apps

The next method is testing apps. Companies that develop software want people to help test their work. There are lots mobile apps on the App Store. They work differently on every different phone. So, you check whether there is a bug or a click on a button doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

So, User testing is the recommended app. And you get paid to test these apps. You have to sign up. There’s a sign-up process. $60 per test is what you can earn.

Again, in a lot of the tests, they’re looking for particular demographics, which include device type and certain age limit. But there are thousands of tests available because there are thousands of Apps or websites that people want to try out. In user testing, you can actually make money not just on your mobile phone but you can make money on your computer as well by testing different websites or testing all sorts of different stuff such as software, etc. You can really earn big time cool money for testing these items. You can do this both on computer and or on mobile phone.

6. Play Games and Make Money

Earn cash while you play games. Not much cash anyway. But regardless, if you have spare time and you’re sitting on the toilet, you can make money playing games. Here’s an app on Android that allows you to make money playing games called Mistplay and there are other good games, just check the App Store for them. You are rewards with Gift Cards in playing these games.

Now of course, getting gift cards and free money is fantastic, you know? The App has good reviews. It’s overall positive which means people are earning money. There is a lot of fake app, be careful. This one is legit. And if you want to use this, check it out.

Now, the last 2 ways you can make money are watching ads and selling products. The most important one is – selling products online. You can called it dropshipping.

7. Watching Ads

There are lots of websites you can watch video ads and get paid for it.

8. Selling items

If you have junk lying around your home, if you have stuff that you don’t want, you can actually sell those items on eBay. You can download the eBay app and simply just take pictures of the stuffs that you don’t want. So, check that out. It’s a very easy way to make money from your phone.

More deals on ebay. You can also make a deal with your family and friends to help them sell their unused items and you can say, “Hey, let’s do 50-50. I sell the product for you and I’ll give you 50% of whatever I sell it for and I keep 50%.” You say, I take care of all the work and you let me sell it.” That’s a great deal to make cool cash and you can go around your neighborhood and just sell junk that people aren’t using anymore and make money from it.
No risk to you. Who knew this could be so lucrative? You have seen the how to make money from your phone and there are other ways too but you just have to start somewhere.

These are the 8 ways on how to make money from your phone. I hope you enjoy learning about them?


Here is a warning. You are not going to be rich with all these ways of How to Make Money from Your Phone stated above except for selling products. They’re only going to earn you a little extra income on the side. To be rich, you will need to start a scalable business, grow and expand it.

But if you want to start an internet business and go beyond that, check out some of my other trainings. Make sure you hit that share button and please, let me know in the comment section below, which of these methods you found the most interesting on How to Make Money from Your Phone. Was it taking surveys on your phone? Doing receipts? Getting cash back? Bitcoin mining? Testing apps? Playing games? Watching ads? Or selling products from your phone? Which one did you find most interesting? Drop it in the comment section below, because I want to hear from you, your view on how to make money from your phone.

Many thanks for reading this post on How to Make Money from Your Phone!

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