The World’s Most Inspirational Chef – El Chef Efrain

El Chef Efrain

El Chef Efrain Life Story Ebook

First, I want to thank El Chef Efrain for allowing me to write this book for him and also thank everyone that I interviewed to get information for this book.

This true life story is about a man who is the most inspiring person that I have known in my life. Many know him as El Chef Efrain, throughout Orlando, Central Florida, Miami and other areas in Florida. His full name is Efrain Ortiz-Benitez.

His determination and spirit are like no one that I have ever met. This is the main reason that I have always wanted to write this book for him. For some crazy reason, I thought this book would take a few hours to write. Was I ever wrong! A lot of research and edits went into this book. I really hope you like it and can share it with anyone that you think that it might help.

Why is he so inspiring? Several reasons. He was always a huge man, weighing around 500-600 pounds, but I think the largest part of him is his big heart. After he turned around 20 years old, he struggled just to walk. By looking at him, you would never think that he was able to run circles around most people in the kitchen.

He had his share of problems, like everyone else, but one night his life was changed forever. After a car accident on November 7, 1997 that literally ripped his leg off and crushed the other one, he was told that he would never walk again. Recuperation took a long time after extensive therapy inside his home and also where the Orlando Magics do their therapy; the Florida Hospital Sports and Rehab Center. He always amazed his doctors.

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